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DeadBlondeStars No.26

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DeadBlondeStars No.48

DeadBlondeStars No.42


[ our origins ]

South Yorkshire grunge/alternative rockers DeadBlondeStars have been performing together for a number of years, building a reputation as one of the area’s finest live rock bands. They released numerous EPs since their inception in 2012, before finally releasing their well-regarded eponymous debut album in May 2020 (7/10, Classic Rock Magazine).

With the world grinding to a halt shortly after the release of their album, DeadBlondeStars took to the airwaves in pursuit of wider acclaim, with radio play reaching far and wide across the globe. Like every independent band, few opportunities for live performance during the COVID 19 pandemic left the band disconnected from their audience. This led them to film live performances of tracks from the album and distribute them via social media. The enforced downtime also gave the band time to write, refine and record around 30 new songs, before whittling them down to an album’s worth of new material.

Once live music returned, the band secured slots at some of the UK’s finest grassroots music festivals in 2022, including Rock & Blues in Derbyshire, Rockin’ The Bowl in Sheffield and Wildfire in Scotland. Continued involvement with a number of independent radio stations helped the band reach a new audience, with the listeners of Great Music Stories Radio voting DeadBlondeStars their band of the year for 2022 (previous winners include Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows, Scarlet Rebels and Amongst Liars).

Moving into 2023, and with the inertia of a global pandemic fading into the distance, the new DeadBlondeStars album “Metamorphosis” was released in February 2023 to critical acclaim from UK and overseas music media. The band have gone on to secure slots at several grassroots music festivals this year and, following their victory in the Sheffield “Metal 2 The Masses” competition, will be performing their biggest show to date at Bloodstock Open Air festival.


[ who we are ]

Gary Walker: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Tom Gratton: Guitar
Oliver Thompson: Guitar/Vocals
Matt Simons: Bass/Vocals
Jamie Machon: Drums


[ what people say ]

“The band have just the right mix of sledgehammer nut-cracking and filigree, aching self-absorption,
and they mark themselves out immediately as a band that not only grasp these concepts – they
know how to implement them bloody well, too…” – Gavin Strichmann, Sentinel Daily

“This new album is a powerhouse – the definition of hard rock for a modern age, with a brooding
darkness, raw menace and tension that fits the troubled times we live in.
What stood the DeadBlondeStars release out was it was so individual and uncompromising in its
approach and muscular in its musical identity.” – Guy Bellamy, Great Music Stories

“DeadBlondeStars should be massive if not for a pandemic and other natural forces. They have an
amazing sound that can literally be appreciated by fans of any decade of rock.
DeadBlondeStars in general are heavier than the 90’s grunge bands. They haven’t been watered
down and lead into a more alternative sound. They have kept a Black Sabbath “thickness” and pay
homage to the heavy bands of the 70’s as much as they do the 90’s. Here’s the kicker, they sound
very fresh and modern and ready for today’s active rock radio” – Doug Groff, Rock You Show


[ releases to date ]
Dead Blonde Stars - Keepsake EP
DeadBlondeStars - Revolution EP


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