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Not being much of a “gear head” really, my set up is relatively straightforward. Joined the band 11 yrs ago and quickly became apparent that my amp head at the time (which has been the butt of many jokes since) wasn’t going to cut it volume wise!

Promptly bought the Hughes and Kettner switchblade head which was well on top of the job, Morley Wah, digitech whammy/drop pedal ( for any drop tuned needs) and a Korg tuner served me well for years. Added an Eventide modulation pedal then talked about linking things up thru midi…..but instead of trusting in this technological wizardry (to me) and making life easier for myself, opted instead to perform River Dance on the pedalboard at practice/gigs manually switching things in and out ever since. Gradually others in the band have gone down the Line 6 Helix/kemper route, they sound great and looking at going this way myself very soon…..

Guitar wise, again tend to get attached to things so still use the same main guitar I bought when I was 16/17yrs – Gibson les Paul studio. It’s been through the mill somewhat, sanded back after an unsuccessful drunken incident involving a pyrography set, been on fire, left with the strings off in a damp shed and twisted the neck badly, (luckily straightened out with some careful persuasion) and still going strong! Couple of years ago I thought it was ready for a facelift so discussed my latest “custom plans” for the guitar with rest of the band, (after seeing and being inspired by a Deusenberg Outlaw) starting the conversation with the description of a “leather top and some bronze studs round the edge” …..unsurprisingly met with blank/concerned faces all round! Undeterred I did it anyway and the result (see the pic) wasn’t actually as horrendous as the description would suggest! I own other les Paul’s and also Fender tele etc but still use the Studio as my main guitar.

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