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Music runs in my family, my Grandmother played the old social club scene as a singer, my Dad being a passionate pianist and guitar player to my Mum being the biggest David Bowie fan (ever), I have been surrounded guided by music from an early age.

At age 11 I picked up my first pair of drum sticks, I’m not sure what drew me to those shiny cymbals and big ass bass drum but I knew once I was sat behind that old rickety kit at school my soul ignited and I was home. People laugh I’m OCD and I guess being able to use every part of me to control this beast fits me like Cinderellas slipper.

I studied music at College and formed my first band. We were rough and inexperienced but it was magic. I jammed with friends until I joined a couple of original music bands and then to a few fun little cover bands; then the Deadblondestars came along. Out of all the bands I’ve been in I’ve never been so nervous as I was auditioning for these guys, annoying my wife by listening to and playing the same tracks over and over again, luckily it all paid off.

Every band has helped me to develop my style and sound, keeping me on my toes, from soft and light-hearted to just brutal filth, personal development those skills is important to me.

It’s all about the love of music.

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