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I have been absorbing music from a very young age: around 4 years old as I recall. I got a guitar bought for me by my Grandma & from that early beginning the guitar quickly became the passion of my life. I began taking influences from all over the place, from Thrash/Death Metal to The Drifters and Hot Chocolate. My music tastes widened at an exponential rate and, for many years, the guitar was my voice. I made my way through many varied bands and also worked as a session guitarist (a “hired gun”, as it were, to help people write and record their ideas). As a musician though, I just found doing other people’s ideas was never really giving me the creative spark I yearned for.

My introduction to singing came as quite a surprise to everyone, including myself! I had been in a band for a while, looking & searching for THE right singer to join us. I remember being at practice one day and just said to the others that I’d sing until we found someone, as it would at least help us move forward a little. So we played and I sang a verse and chorus to a song, then the rest of the band stopped and insisted “dude you’ve gotta sing, it sounds awesome”. Singing, from that point, was something new to learn and experiment with, but I was still very much a “guitarist that sings”. Over time, however, singing has slowly overtaken the guitar and I am now definitely a singer that plays guitar.

For many years I have been totally engrossed in singing, playing guitar and music in general. DeadBlondeStars are like my extended family: we are brothers that share a passion for the music we create together. My influences are now even more varied, from The Carpenters, Joni Mitchell, The Jackson Five, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and many, many more.

Music certainly has been a journey in my life and I have enjoyed every mile and every corner! I’m not sure where this will lead me but hell… the ride is amazing.

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